With over 50 years of focus on making world-class backup power systems, Centurion has established a reputation for affordable and reliable automatic standby and portable generators for home and business owners. A Centurion generator is a reliable solution to all your backup power needs. Learn more

Electricity is essential to maintain properly functioning lighting, electronic entertainment equipment, household appliances, HVAC, and security systems. Generators provide an added level of insurance to your daily routine or business operations ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. Learn more

If the power ever goes out, your Centurion standby generator system goes on – automatically. The engine runs on existing natural gas or LP for a continuous, worry-free fuel supply. It is permanently installed outside of your home – similar to a central air conditioning unit. Learn more

Many homeowners choose to cover only a minimum number of rooms during a power outage, while others prefer a backup power solution that is capable of covering every circuit for whole house protection. First you must decide which items are important to you in a power outage. These items are powered through circuits in the breaker box. The number of chosen circuits will determine the generator size. Learn more